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Opening Soon

Paradigm Family Health is proud to announce our opening on Monday 10/22/2018. We are currently  accepting new patients for both primary care and pain management.  If you would like to schedule an appointment please contact 716-324-5255 and our staff will do our best to accommodate your needs. For patients following Douglas from other medical practices that are in need of an interim appointment before our opening, please contact (716) 208-6988 to discuss available options.


Treating Pain Through a Multi-Faceted Approach

Paradigm Family Health approaches the management of chronic pain through utilization of a multi-dimensional approach. We strongly encourage our patients to engage in modalities such as physical therapy, cognitive behavioral restructuring, and other worthwhile interventions, in addition to pharmacotherapy, to achieve the best possible pain relief.


Paradigm Family Health is a Nurse Practitioner-owned medical practice located in West Seneca, NY, just south of the Union and French Road intersection. Our organization promotes a patient-centered approach, encouraging our clientele to actively participate in the development of their care plan, while implementing and respecting the latest evidence-based guidelines.
Our mission is to promote, maintain, and aid in the restoration of the patient’s health. While we will gladly serve your primary care needs, our true passion is treating those afflicted with chronic pain, in all its various forms. Patients suffering from chronic pain did not choose a lifetime’s worth of discomfort and decreased functionality, nor should they be scrutinized for seeking treatment or be mislabeled as “addicts”.
At Paradigm Family Health we recognize the impact longstanding pain has on the individual’s daily routine and how various forms of this condition can alter someone’s life. We embrace the challenge and responsibilities we face when taking on the care of those afflicted with chronic pain, and will always advocate on behalf of those who have entrusted in us. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our practice, and we look forward to providing you quality health care for years to come!