Advocacy. Always.

We combat chronic pain through a patient-centered. With so many options we can tailor a program focused on your needs. We advocate for you and will work to improve the quality of your life. Our practice prides itself on the provision of compassionate and understanding service, recognizing that we are working with the patient to overcome a complex condition. We are confident that given the opportunity, the patient will recognize the time, attention, and level of care they receive from our office. We are assured those who come to us for care will find an advocate rather than an adversary here at Paradigm Family Health. Should you find yourself overcome with pain, yearning to a return to life of normalcy, schedule a consult with Paradigm Family Health.

Paradigm Family Health will be open on Monday, October 22, 2018.  We currently are accepting new patients for both primary care and pain management. Call us for an appointment.